The Pyramids of SNAFU


Haunting rock anthems to take your breath away from the incredible
Pyramids of SNAFU

"Space rock played by drunken scientists..."


Colin "Goatoid" Wilson : guitar, vocals

The Amazing Doctor M : bass

Chris "Boffin" Barnett : fiddle

Captain Rizz : drums

Alazarin Mobius : keyboards


Plus special guest stars

Catch the Pyramids live on the Mandala Stage at Glastonbury!


Out now!

Their scintillating 4 track EP CD
Alternative Present

With hit tracks
First Love; Beyond Belief; Chatter; Free Energy

Featuring special guest stars Terry Ollis, Mick Slattery, and Jaki Windmill from Space Ritual

Email music at to reserve your copy today!

"On the strength of this, I will definitely want to buy the album, and I think many Hawkwind fans would enjoy the Pyramids of SNAFU too." Starfarer

"27 minutes of inspired space rock" Real Festival Music

"This cd deserves to sell and bring the Pyramids of Snafu to the attention of a much wider audience. If you get the chance go see them - on the basis of this, they will be well worth the admission price." Aural Innovations

"Alternative Present promises a lot and leaves us anxiously waiting for the band's forthcoming album." Psychotropic Zone

Coming soon : their brand new album Zep Tepi

The Pyramids playing the Mandala tent at Glastonbury
The Pyramids at Glastonbury, with guest stars Terry Ollis, Mick Slattery and Jaki Windmill

More news soon!




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